Friday, June 24, 2011

So as you can see ... it's been awhile since my last post. This photo was taken when we went for "A Day Out With Thomas" recently.

Little boys eventually all fall in love with trains, this is a truth I have learned to accept. Of course it helped that my son now sleeps with a battery operated Thomas the Train that just HAD to be purchased after this trip. And no the life of a WAHM is NOT this glamorous. This trip was a big thank you and shout out from the fabulous Gramma.

To further update on "the dude" or "monkey" he is doing marvelously. It seems we did hit a bump in the development road and he was officially diagnosed as speech delayed a little over a month ago. That is just fine though, I have faith he just doesn't have much to say yet ;)

I love this little guy so much and my only regret is that his brother and sisters don't yet have the opportunity to know him. Thats okay too though, all in good time I suppose. He just reminds me of each of them in all of those small ways that mean so much to a mom. I'm starting to invest more time (and a lot more patience) into my beauty routine, discovered some really fantastic cosmetics at a true bargain after being pissed off (and on) by one of my favorite brands. I'll be sure to post more on them later ... I am wearing solely them (except foundation) in this photo, so that says something.

Well it is late everyone and I will undoubtedly have an early morning :)