Sunday, December 4, 2011

Change is inevitable

Originally this blog was going to be sort of a catch all. Recently some things in my life have changed that have brought about a need to seperate the blogs. From  this point forward this will be a purely fun beauty related blog, and my daily blog will be hosted elsewhere (will include at the end of this update for any interested) Meanwhile stay tuned as I have lots of exciting things planned for the upcoming months.

Some overdue Sinful colors reviews. Some palette reviews I have been putting off, as well as the new My Glam Bag Debut review :)

As always

Saturday, August 27, 2011

La Coquette Haz Lipstick!!!!

I am truly VERY excited to be doing this review on a brand new item from La Coquette Cosmetics. Due to crazy circumstances the sample order I made at the beginning of August was not shipped out as intended. However she contacted me right away and offered to throw in some extras to "make up" for the error. She mentioned that she had finished her trial run on her new lipstick line, and asked if I would like to be a "lipstick tester outer"

Well of course I jumped at this chance!!!

When I got my package I was pleasantly surprised to find not one- but THREE FULL SIZED "tester" tubes of this awesome lipstick. She did forewarn me that she was still tweaking  her formula and welcomed any feedback or reviews I had.

Without further Ado... the photos and review

This is how the item was shipped, excellent considering the very reasonable product and shipping prices! I thought the pink baggie was a wonderful touch and had the added benefit of leaving me something to store the shadow samples in.

These are the tubes of lipstick. She did mention that the black tube is her choice for the standard lipstick tube.  
However I truly LOVE the  pink tube packaging as everyone seems to use black and did suggest she may want to consider offering both ... mainly because I just think it's pretty and I'm sure others will too.

The shades don't yet have names as they are still being perfected. This photo was the closest I could get to the actual color, a gorgeous nude pink with shimmer. The first swipe out of the package seemed somewhat dry and patchy, but every application afterwards has been as smooth and creamy as the others and on par with high brand lipsticks.

A very bronzey brown. My favorite is split between this and the next one.

This photographs far more red-toned than it is in person. I would describe it as a copper with red undertones, I have a light medium - medium skin tone and this just looked FABULOUS on me.

Here are the colors swatched on my hand ... They truly are gorgeous!

I'll be completely honest and say I was somewhat nervous to try out these lipsticks as it was also my first time trying La Coquette Cosmetics in general. However these lipsticks are extremely creamy and surprisingly long lasting for mineral lipsticks, I applied this at around 12:30 this afternoon and it is now 4:30  and I don't yet feel the need to reapply. A++++

And while she did provide me with the lipstick samples - these are my true and honest opinions. I also bought her 32 shade sample package and I have every intention of purchasing some of her polishes, as well as some more lipsticks when she officially releases them.

What I like most about this creator is actually the LACK of glitter. Her colors are bright and extremely pigmented (when used with primer as recommended) and just show stopping when foiled. I own a lot of mineral pigments from several lines and can honestly say this is the first time I can say I will be able to use every single shade offered. Don't get me wrong she does have glittery shades, but most have a satin/shimmer finish. And even those with glitter have delicate glitter that enhances the shade rather than over power it.

So in closing - La Coquette Cosmetics MAY not be a good fit for everyone, but I am ever so thankful to have wandered across them thanks to YouTube. Keep up the good work hun - these are truly fabulous lipsticks, and the shadows truly do rival brands like Urban Decay!!!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I've been wanting to try this polish for a long, long time! Until today the only place I could find them was but they were $2.50 a bottle, and since I am ALWAYS changing my nail color - that seemed a bit much (after you add shipping)

Then my sunday sales flier came and I saw they had them at Walgreens for .99. When I got there I found out the REGULAR price is 2.00. Way To Go on the markup cherry culture :/. Anyway... for your viewing pleasure....

Packaging: 4 of 5
The presentation is nice, though it reminds me of the Nicole by OPI bottles and I wish it had more originality. It is very sleek. 4 of 5 due to the inconsistency, the lid/brush part of the packaging is not uniform and some don't line up with the physical bottle itself while others do.

Opacity: 5 of 5
Overall the opacity is phenominal for a 2.00 polish. It's the first polish in this price range that I really only need one coat of polish to show true to bottle shade, as you'll see in my photos. I found the shades I bought (variety of light and dark shades) to even have more opacity than my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. Also drys fairly quickly.

Lasting Power: 5 of 5 (to be updated)
I painted my nails this afternoon, I've dug in the sandbox with my son, washed dishes, bathtime and diaper changes with no chipping or smudging!! I will update again at the end of a week.

Now for the Swatches:

Vacation Time: Very Creamy Nude Pink. Love This!!

My Soulmate: Bubblegum meets Barbie Pink 

Dancing Nails: Try as I might I couldn't get this color to show just right
Very shimmery, The bottle shows the color better than the nail

Let's Talk: I've been looking for this color all summer
Very Satiny almost metallic Purple

Rich in Heart: This color is just GORGEOUS. The color
is actually closer to a burgandy, the flash brought the red
reflects out above the brown. Perfect for fall!

Let's Talk: This is the only color that dissapointed me. As you 
can see the color in the bottle is a beautiful Navy Blue, on the nail
however it is a brighter metallic blue with purple undertones.
Still  a pretty color, just not was I was looking for.

I have soooo many  other reviews with swatches planned. But I promise to try and space them out.

Till Next Time~ 

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


There are some blogs I follow on here because I rather enjoy them. Then there are others that I follow as a sort of "swap" ... A "I'm new to this and so are you, so I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine" sort of deal. It truly saddens me to see that several (nearly all) of the blogs I followed and listed on those terms have in fact, stopped following my blog.

SO .... that being said. In the future, unless it is a blog I truly enjoy reading as well, I will not be doing these follower swaps. I have been blogging for several years, and have managed to build my follower base quite extensivley several times, on several different servers, without resorting to these methods. It's just a shame that some choose to take advantage of what ideally should be a mutually beneficial idea.

Anyhow, ON TO UPDATES!!!

I have recently branched out from E.L.F. a wee bit and re- configured my storage space, so be looking for some beauty related blogs in the near future!!! As well as a "politics/music of the day" post/rant in the very near future.

Thanks :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

So as you can see ... it's been awhile since my last post. This photo was taken when we went for "A Day Out With Thomas" recently.

Little boys eventually all fall in love with trains, this is a truth I have learned to accept. Of course it helped that my son now sleeps with a battery operated Thomas the Train that just HAD to be purchased after this trip. And no the life of a WAHM is NOT this glamorous. This trip was a big thank you and shout out from the fabulous Gramma.

To further update on "the dude" or "monkey" he is doing marvelously. It seems we did hit a bump in the development road and he was officially diagnosed as speech delayed a little over a month ago. That is just fine though, I have faith he just doesn't have much to say yet ;)

I love this little guy so much and my only regret is that his brother and sisters don't yet have the opportunity to know him. Thats okay too though, all in good time I suppose. He just reminds me of each of them in all of those small ways that mean so much to a mom. I'm starting to invest more time (and a lot more patience) into my beauty routine, discovered some really fantastic cosmetics at a true bargain after being pissed off (and on) by one of my favorite brands. I'll be sure to post more on them later ... I am wearing solely them (except foundation) in this photo, so that says something.

Well it is late everyone and I will undoubtedly have an early morning :)