Saturday, August 27, 2011

La Coquette Haz Lipstick!!!!

I am truly VERY excited to be doing this review on a brand new item from La Coquette Cosmetics. Due to crazy circumstances the sample order I made at the beginning of August was not shipped out as intended. However she contacted me right away and offered to throw in some extras to "make up" for the error. She mentioned that she had finished her trial run on her new lipstick line, and asked if I would like to be a "lipstick tester outer"

Well of course I jumped at this chance!!!

When I got my package I was pleasantly surprised to find not one- but THREE FULL SIZED "tester" tubes of this awesome lipstick. She did forewarn me that she was still tweaking  her formula and welcomed any feedback or reviews I had.

Without further Ado... the photos and review

This is how the item was shipped, excellent considering the very reasonable product and shipping prices! I thought the pink baggie was a wonderful touch and had the added benefit of leaving me something to store the shadow samples in.

These are the tubes of lipstick. She did mention that the black tube is her choice for the standard lipstick tube.  
However I truly LOVE the  pink tube packaging as everyone seems to use black and did suggest she may want to consider offering both ... mainly because I just think it's pretty and I'm sure others will too.

The shades don't yet have names as they are still being perfected. This photo was the closest I could get to the actual color, a gorgeous nude pink with shimmer. The first swipe out of the package seemed somewhat dry and patchy, but every application afterwards has been as smooth and creamy as the others and on par with high brand lipsticks.

A very bronzey brown. My favorite is split between this and the next one.

This photographs far more red-toned than it is in person. I would describe it as a copper with red undertones, I have a light medium - medium skin tone and this just looked FABULOUS on me.

Here are the colors swatched on my hand ... They truly are gorgeous!

I'll be completely honest and say I was somewhat nervous to try out these lipsticks as it was also my first time trying La Coquette Cosmetics in general. However these lipsticks are extremely creamy and surprisingly long lasting for mineral lipsticks, I applied this at around 12:30 this afternoon and it is now 4:30  and I don't yet feel the need to reapply. A++++

And while she did provide me with the lipstick samples - these are my true and honest opinions. I also bought her 32 shade sample package and I have every intention of purchasing some of her polishes, as well as some more lipsticks when she officially releases them.

What I like most about this creator is actually the LACK of glitter. Her colors are bright and extremely pigmented (when used with primer as recommended) and just show stopping when foiled. I own a lot of mineral pigments from several lines and can honestly say this is the first time I can say I will be able to use every single shade offered. Don't get me wrong she does have glittery shades, but most have a satin/shimmer finish. And even those with glitter have delicate glitter that enhances the shade rather than over power it.

So in closing - La Coquette Cosmetics MAY not be a good fit for everyone, but I am ever so thankful to have wandered across them thanks to YouTube. Keep up the good work hun - these are truly fabulous lipsticks, and the shadows truly do rival brands like Urban Decay!!!

Till Next Time ~

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