Thursday, August 18, 2011


So I've been wanting to try this polish for a long, long time! Until today the only place I could find them was but they were $2.50 a bottle, and since I am ALWAYS changing my nail color - that seemed a bit much (after you add shipping)

Then my sunday sales flier came and I saw they had them at Walgreens for .99. When I got there I found out the REGULAR price is 2.00. Way To Go on the markup cherry culture :/. Anyway... for your viewing pleasure....

Packaging: 4 of 5
The presentation is nice, though it reminds me of the Nicole by OPI bottles and I wish it had more originality. It is very sleek. 4 of 5 due to the inconsistency, the lid/brush part of the packaging is not uniform and some don't line up with the physical bottle itself while others do.

Opacity: 5 of 5
Overall the opacity is phenominal for a 2.00 polish. It's the first polish in this price range that I really only need one coat of polish to show true to bottle shade, as you'll see in my photos. I found the shades I bought (variety of light and dark shades) to even have more opacity than my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polishes. Also drys fairly quickly.

Lasting Power: 5 of 5 (to be updated)
I painted my nails this afternoon, I've dug in the sandbox with my son, washed dishes, bathtime and diaper changes with no chipping or smudging!! I will update again at the end of a week.

Now for the Swatches:

Vacation Time: Very Creamy Nude Pink. Love This!!

My Soulmate: Bubblegum meets Barbie Pink 

Dancing Nails: Try as I might I couldn't get this color to show just right
Very shimmery, The bottle shows the color better than the nail

Let's Talk: I've been looking for this color all summer
Very Satiny almost metallic Purple

Rich in Heart: This color is just GORGEOUS. The color
is actually closer to a burgandy, the flash brought the red
reflects out above the brown. Perfect for fall!

Let's Talk: This is the only color that dissapointed me. As you 
can see the color in the bottle is a beautiful Navy Blue, on the nail
however it is a brighter metallic blue with purple undertones.
Still  a pretty color, just not was I was looking for.

I have soooo many  other reviews with swatches planned. But I promise to try and space them out.

Till Next Time~ 

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