Sunday, March 18, 2012

Happiness Challenge, Day 17 and 18

Wow, this is a tough one, maybe I shouldn't have been so lazy yesterday and actually written on my blog instead of postponing it.

What inspires me ... There are many things honestly.

The farmers that go out at 6 in the morning these days, on their tractors preparing the harder than normal soil of this area for this years crops.

The amazing amounts of boundless energy some of my mom friends have, I can only hope to be as awesome as they are at this parenting thing one day.

My son, and how despite the fact that we can't understand him half the time, he soldiers through and still manages to express his thoughts and feelings to us in one way or another, and he still manages to love us all to pieces all the same.

My sister, she decided she knew what she wanted for her life and is mustering through every challenge life throws in front of her to get to it.

Humanity.... and how no matter how bad it is, and no matter how much proof life shows us publicly of the disarray we have become, it always throws the other side in your face, everyday, to keep you looking forward for the better day.

hmmmmmm this is a toughie - but I'd have to say Vanilla - because you can mix it with any Jame, Frosting, Syrup and make it into anything you want :D

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